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Nereida Astral

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With Edith Waite's tarot, she performed a general reading of the astrological wheel plus questions to the tarot (predictive and psychological service) then she added the erotic illustration cards to the reading as a game, but during the video call at the end of the reading we played together in a hot/sexual way.

On the other hand, you have the traditional service only with a general reading of the astrological wheel plus questions to Edith Waite's universal tarot

You can request your sexual position chart for your daily life. What sexual position do you recommend that you do with your partner, the girl you like or with your next conquest?

If not, this is the Tarot reading, just questions.

Synastry is a method that consists of comparing two birth charts and allows you to study the relationship between two people, their affinity, attraction, compatibility, points in common, points of conflict, etc.


Composed Chart

Composite cards consist of combining two natal charts using the midpoint technique, thus obtaining a single card that represents the fusion of both.

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If you would like to take my online services with me and live a mystical sensual experience, do not hesitate to write to me.